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As decking renovation specialists, Prominade have access to a wide varied range of natural timber decking products in Brisbane, Queensland. We manage every aspect of deck renovation including the supply and installation of decking frames as well as timber decking options, most of which are ideal for the local Brisbane climate.

Prominade have extensive experience providing Brisbane locals and Queenslanders with top-quality natural timber decking and pool decking as well as a range of synthetic and composite decking options. Our trusted professional decking experts will work with you from design of your new to right through to the supply and installation to make sure you get the perfect outdoor deck for your homes yard layout, as well as your budget and style.

Timber decking in your Brisbane home is a brilliant opportunity to increase the value and enjoyment you gain from the outdoor spaces of your property.

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Deck Options

Merbau Timber Decking

Merbau is a very popular choice when it comes to decking. It is durable, highly resistant to pests and infestations and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It also is a very good option when you want to have a range of choices for the finishing of your deck.

Spotted Gum Timber Decking

Spotted Gum is an Australian hardwood and has been used for decades because of its durability, longevity and strength. This wood is also widely available throughout Queensland and is a budget friendly option when natural wood is a must.

Jarrah Timber Decking

Jarrah is a time honored favourite for outdoor decking as it is highly resistant to weather and rotting. In Brisbane this is especially important to consider as the humid climate and hot temperature demand a wood is able to stand up to the elements.

Blackbutt Timber Decking

Blackbutt timber is lighter in colour than the previously mentioned options but darkens over time or with the use of natural decking oil. Again, blackbutt is valued as a go to wood in deck renovations as it is extremely durable and holds up well to harsh wealth conditions.

Other Decking Options

Yellow Cedar
Spotted Gum
Forest Red Gum

River Red Gum
Flooded Gum
Spotted Gum


Red Ironbark

Yellow Stringybark
Silvertop Ash
Treated Pine

Many of Prominade’s customers prefer natural timber to composite decking due to its aesthetic appeal however both options should be considered as they each offer unique value propositions. Talk with one of our decking experts about the features and benefits of both options.


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If you are wanting to talk to an expert about deck renovations in Brisbane, then look no further than the team at Prominade.
We have been helping Brisbane locals, design, install and maintain their decks for a number of years and have a wealth of experience when it comes to deck renovations.

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